Exploring Java with BlueJ

8 Lessons


Exploring Java with BlueJ aims to accelerate the exposure of students to object-oriented concepts and Java. Java has a clean design and is very popular. BlueJ is very simple to use yet great for teaching purposes. The Java programming language itself provides a very elegant implementation of most of the important object-oriented concepts and serves well as an introductory teaching language. BlueJ offers visualization, ability to create objects and interact with them.

This course will bring applied computer science to the students blending computer science concepts with simple and fun problems to solve. Students will be able to start programming in Java within a short amount of time. Guaranteed to keep the students engaged! There are various hands-on interactive exercises across several Topics. At the end of each lesson, you will have to take a quiz. This helps to confirm your understanding of the lesson before moving ahead to the next lesson.

You will receive badges for finishing the lesson and the associated assessment. Finally, after finishing the entire course, you will be able to print your certificate from the achievements page. You can install BlueJ locally on your desktop or laptop. Do make sure that you’re regularly practicing, and working alongside the examples in the lessons! That way, you’ll have multiple Java programs to show your friends and family by the time you finish this course!