Game Programming with Scratch

10 Lessons


“Game Programming with Scratch” is designed for those of you that love playing games. Here, you’ll learn some more concepts beyond just the basics of programming and how to use such concepts to plan and develop games that people can play!

We’ll be using Scratch, the block-based programming language from MIT that you must all be familiar with already. Scratch will allow you to create games easily and rapidly by dragging and dropping blocks to code the logic for your games. “Game Programming with Scratch” is split into 10 lessons. Each lesson has multiple topics bringing together several related concepts.

There also major game projects that each takes several lessons to complete. At the end of each lesson, you will have to take a quiz. This helps to confirm your understanding of the lesson before moving ahead to the next lesson. You will also get badges for finishing the lesson and the associated assessment. Finally, after finishing the entire course, you will be able to print your certificate from the achievements page.

To be able to practice the examples and do more hands-on programming, you can click on the menu item Scratch Editor. This will open up a new browser tab and load the online scratch editor from MIT. Do make sure that you’re regularly practising, and working alongside the examples in the lessons! That way, you’ll have multiple games to show your friends and family by the time you finish this course!