Introduction to Programming with Scratch

10 Lessons


“Introduction to Programming with Scratch” is a really exciting course that is a fundamental course for all students who are new to computer programming. This course introduces a student to the world of Scratch, which is a block-based programming language that was created at MIT

While Scratch can be explored by students on their own, this course accelerates a students understanding of Scratch and also teaches several fundamental concepts of computer science and programming through well-designed hands-on examples.

Students do not watch a video to learn. on the contrary, they interact with a chatbot avatar and take a guided, interactive tour through all the important Scratch blocks while building interesting example programs. Stundets will learn how to use the different block types such as Motion, Looks, Sound, Events and many more.

“Introduction to Programming with Scratch” is split into 10 lessons with each lesson having multiple topics, enabling one to create programs from the get go! To be able to practice the examples and do more hands-on programming, one can click on the menu item called Scratch Editor which launches the MIT Scratch editor in a new browser tab. At the end of each lesson, students have to take an assessment to unlock the next lesson in their learning path. Students are awarded various badges for finishing each lesson and passing the assessment. Students also earn a certification upon completing the entire course successfully.