Space Exploration with Scratch

8 Lessons


The Apollo Missions and the Space Shuttle Missions inspired millions of kids to pursue engineering, science, technology and related subjects. Many aspired to become astronauts and rocket scientists. Somewhere along the way, this focus on science was lost. With the privatization of space missions and a huge potential for space commerce to grow in the coming decade, there is renewed optimism and focus on space technology. This can be evidenced by the rise of many space focused companies and interest in STEM.

Space Exploration with Scratch is one of many courses that will be offered by bitWise to educate and prepare a new crop of budding scientists to pursue aerospace, STEM subjects, and other advanced degree programs in their quest to have careers associated with space technology.

This course, Space Exploration with Scratch is just an introductory course that mixes various basic compacts with implementation of such concepts in computer programs. Space technology is an intense field that is very interdisciplinary. Computing plays a very big role in space technology and this course weaves computing and the basics of space technology beautifully with amazing interactions, immersive and fun explanation of concepts, and teaches students to write programs to solve many basic problems. This is one of our popular and exciting courses for middle school and high school students. Some precocious elementary students in grades 4 and 5 have also been known to take this course successfully. Programming with Scratch is a prerequisite for elementary and middle school students.